Laramie Youth Council will host its second annual Pitch Day

September 25, 2019
Laramie, Wyoming – The Laramie Youth Council will host the second annual Pitch Day at 6:00 pm on September 26th, 2019 in the Laramie City Council Chambers, 406 Ivinson Avenue.
The Laramie Youth Council (LYC) is a board made up of Laramie-area high school-aged youth interested in working with elected officials, city, county, and state offices and local stakeholders to solve local problems.

The LYC Pitch Day serves as a stage for local officials and community leaders to present ideas for projects that require youth-driven solutions. Last year, the LYC selected a number of projects, including lobbying for House Bill 0044: Expungement of Juvenile Records and producing a public service announcement addressing responsible recycling practices through its Pitch Day.

The LYC looks forward to hearing a new slate of project pitches this year. This year’s pitches, which were pre-approved by LYC advisors, Sarah Reese and Haley Fried, cover a variety of topics ranging from plastic bag policies to food insecurity. A few of the pitches will be made by LYC members!  The public is invited to watch the Pitch Day in action.
Sarah Reese, Administror, Economic and Community Initiatives