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Laramie Chamber Business Alliance
Job Description

President/CEO will ensure the accomplishment of mission, vision, and goals of the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance (LCBA). 
Laramie Chamber Business Alliance is a member based non-profit organization based in Laramie, Wyoming.  Its main objective is to attract and retain primary jobs, along with facilitating the expansion and development of existing businesses in order to achieve sustainable growth and improve the economic well-being of the citizens in Laramie and Albany County.  The mission is community leadership in the improvement of the local business environment, creation of jobs, and growth of the local tax base in Laramie, Wyoming.
Full time salaried position with benefits.
Reports To:  Board of Directors
Required Skills/Experience/Training:
  • Bachelor’s degree and business experience.  Preference will be given for Economic Development certifications.  
  • Minimum eight years of senior level business/non-profit organization experience to include financial analysis, budgeting, marketing and personnel management.
  • Strategic planning background.
  • Extensive experience in public speaking/public relations and media engagement.
  • Fundraising, grant and contract management experience.
  • Professionalism i.e. appearance, demeanor, reliability, organizational skills, accountability, integrity, honesty, etc.
  • Board management, committee oversight and stakeholder development experience.
  • Staff development experience.  
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate, negotiate and close, build the capabilities of the organization, board, committees, and stakeholders.
  • Stakeholder and partner engagement skills
  • Strong consensus building and problem solving skills.
  • Effective written communication skills.
  • Legislative knowledge and experience beneficial.
  • Proven leadership skills to drive organization to achieve complex goals.
  • Understanding needs requirement of technology related business.
General Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Provide strategic leadership to the organization. Work with Board to establish long range goals, strategies, plans and policies.  Facilitate progress and assure successful implementation by guiding committees and building support throughout organization.
  • Monitor the status, developments and challenges within the economic development industry to ensure strategic plans and corporate direction are aligned for success.   
  • Be a spokesperson for the Corporation on a local, regional and state level.  Communicate effectively in public and private forums including conferences, government and business meetings, fundraisers, network activities and media events.  This will require both night and weekend attendance on occasion. 
  • Develop and maintain strong working relationships with local and state elected officials, government agencies, business leaders and community partners.     
  • Attract and maintain an active membership of local stakeholders.  Strengthen existing internal and external partnerships. Implement and oversee successful fundraising activities to sustain organization.
  • Enhance and/or develop policies and procedures of the organization by way of systems and processes that will improve the overall operation and effectiveness of LCBA.  Implement and enforce all policies and procedures of Corporation.
  • Be an influencing and recognized authority on local and state economic development issues.  Educate stakeholders about related legislation and regulations that affect business expansion and growth.
  • Seek out opportunities to nurture existing and recruit new business growth to assure job expansion in the local market.  
  • Generate positive, frequent media coverage. Market the Laramie and Albany County community.
  • Balance programs, initiatives and resources relative to a budget and the demands of the Corporation.
  •  Manage assets of the organization under the guidance of the Board to stimulate and support economic expansion and improvement.
  • Facilitate communication amongst Board, committees, stakeholders and community partners.
  • Administer the personnel and administrative function of the Corporation to include financial management, operating oversight, performance evaluation, succession planning and work analysis. 
May be required to perform other duties as directed by the Board of Directors.
Cover letters, resume and references may be sent to
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